[Episode starts with a title card that said Sidekick Lesson Number 378]

  • Maxum Man: Maxum Man here with Sidekick Lesson Number 378. Naughty or Nice? To get the best Christmas present, you'll need three things. [Christmas ornaments knocks Golly Gee Kid] Wait, He's here. He knows when you're awake.

[Zooms out to reveal the whole Christmas tree then the fireplace explodes to reveal Mega Santa]

  • Mega Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho! Bah! You've been naughty! Eat Missile-Toe! [fires a Missile-Toe from his missile-toe launcher]

[cuts to Maxum Man and Golly Gee Kid dodging the Missile-Toe]

  • Maxum Man: You want nice, I'll show you nice! [rolls Golly Gee Kid into a ball and throws jumps]

[Mega Santa reloading his missile-toe launcher]
[Maxum Man throws Golly Gee Kid at the barrel of Mega Santa's missile-toe launcher which made Golly Gee Kid fart then kicks Mega Santa to the bookshelf]
[Mega Santa and Maxium Man angry groan]

  • Mega Santa: Ha! Ha! I love coming here! Ho! Ho! Super-Toe! [fires Missile-Toe at the Christmas Tree which then turns to presents]
  • Maxum Man: Remember, for the best presents from Mega Santa. You'll need three things, milk, cookies and a good-old fashion throw down [pounds Golly Gee Kid's head to the ground with his fist] Christmas-style! [blinks with one eye than screen goes static] Next on Maximum Maxum, Valentine's Day! [shoots Cupid's arrow with a bow at the green sofa]

[cuts to Vana, Kitty, Eric and Trevor sitting at the green sofa where Cupid's arrow lands]

  • Eric: Wow! Super Christmas has a lot more violence than Christmas at the orphanage.
  • Maxum Brain: [statics] Oh, that is nothing. You just have to wait till the Easter at Hunter the Hundred event.

[cuts to a man holding a laser gun getting zapped by a laser bunny then cuts to Vana and Kitty]

  • Vana: Or Happy Nuke Year.

[cuts to view of a nuclear explosion from space]

  • Trevor: Or everyday! [cuts to him farting then cuts to Vana, Kitty and Eric watching Trevor in disgust while he laughs then farts] What?

[cuts to Kitty and Eric]

  • Kitty: So what did ask Mega Santa for Christmas, Eric?
  • Eric: Since we never get presents at the orphanage, I had trouble deciding. So I only asked what I really really wanted. [takes out a large heavy book of lists] I had it leather-bound, alphabeticalized and free of use. [clears his throat while opens his book of lists] I want an abacus, an acorn, ape comma giant one, archery set. [clock transition with Eric having bloodshot eyes] ozone, pancakes, paintball blasters, parents, purple pajamas..Uh? [zooms out to Vana, Kitty and Trevor (with beard) sleeping then cuts to a SMPTE bars test card on Maxum Brain's screen then cuts back to Vana, Kitty and Tervor (with beard) sleeping] Quad bikes, rocket skates, robo.... [his list reading was interrupted by a rumble which woke Vana, Kitty and Trevor up only to find out the rumble makes chime noises then cuts to Eric exciting] He's here! It's Mega Santa! [gaps] He's gonna know I'm awake!

[cuts to the fireplace explodes to reveal Mega Santa]

  • Mega Santa: Um, no one to wrestle. I'm too looking for cookies. Now, where are they?

[cuts to Eric, Kitty and Vana looking a Mega Santa while Trevor looks away]

  • Eric: Aw man, a hungry Mega Santa is a angry Mega Santa. [gets out of the sofa to get milk and cookies] He can't pummel me if doesn't see me. Okay, can do this. [cuts to Mega Santa knock down a Christmas Tree while he passes Mega Santa holding a plate of milk and cookies] Careful. Quiet.

[cuts to Mega Santa only to be notice that Eric was behind him then zooms in to his shining eyes while saying Ho! three times]

  • Mega Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho!
  • Eric: [screams three times then spills milk on Mega Santa]

[cuts to Eric realizing that Mega Santa was a robot as Mega Santa malfunctions then explodes]
[zooms to Eric screaming as Fake Mega Santa's robotic head lands]

  • Eric: It was an accident. I don't know what happened. I just...

[cuts to Vana being shocked]

  • Vana: Blew up Mega Santa!!!

[camera tracks down from Vana to Kitty]

  • Kitty: Oh, Eric. You didn't!

[camera tracks down from Kitty to Trevor]

  • Trevor: BEST CHRSITMAS EVER!!!!!!

[zooms out to Kitty finding out about the parts of Mega Santa]

  • Kitty: [holding Mega Santa's part] Wait, gears and circuits? That wasn't Mega Santa, [throws away part while she was feeling mad] that was a robot.

[zooms to Eric inspecting Mega Santa's head]

  • Eric: But why would a robot be delivering Christmas presents?

[zooms out to Kitty shocked]

  • Kitty: Maybe something happened to Mega Santa.

[Zooms to Eric's shocked eyes]
[cuts to Trevor checking out Christmas presents]

  • Trevor: Wow! All those presents.. [acts evil] seeing there defenseless!

[cuts to Eric holding while fake Mega Santa's head only to be realize that the head is still working]

  • Mega Santa: [flashes eyes] Step away..from the presents. [cuts to Trevor hearing Mega Santa] Ho! Ho! [turns to Jet Mode] Super Ho! [knocks both Trevor and the Christmas Tree, takes all the Christmas presents in a bag then files off showing the destroyed fireplace]

[cuts to Kitty, Vana and Eric]

  • Eric: What was that? We have to catch that thing and find out what happened to Mega Santa and get my presents! Mostly the Mega Santa parts [zooms out to Kitty and Vana angry] ...and also the presents.

[Sidekick symbol transition]
[zooms out to Mega Santa in Jet Mode flying from the Maxum Jet while Maxum Brain holds to a wing]

  • Mega Santa: Ho! Ho! Super Ho!
  • Eric: Guys! I think we're at!

[cuts to the North Pole with the Mega Santa in Jet Mode and the Maxum Jet landing]

  • Trevor: The Land of Candy Poles!

[transitions to Maxum Brain, Vana, Kitty, Eric and Trevor inside Mega Santa's workshop]

  • Kitty: [surprised] Ah!
  • Vana: I like it.
  • Trevor: [used the sign of the horns] AWESOME!

[zooms in to Eric picking up a red ball while being surrounded by Kitty and Trevor]

  • Eric: Hey, Brain! Catch! [throws red ball at Maxum Man]

[cuts to Maxum Brain being hit by an exploding red ball covering him in soot then coughs]

  • Maxum Brain: [sighs] This would be more fun with arms.

[cuts to Vana, Kitty, Eric and Trevor pointing out the location]

  • Eric: This is definitely Mega Santa's workshop. Where is Mega Santa??
  • Vana: I hope we find him soon. This cold is totally drying out my skin. [pulls her skin and releases]

[zooms out to Maxum Brain, Kitty, Eric and Trevor being disgusted]

  • Maxum Brain: Oooo.
  • Kitty, Eric and Trevor: EEEEWWWWW!!!
  • Eric: There! [pointing out to Mega Santa being repaired]

[cuts to the repairing bot putting on Mega Santa's arm]

  • Kitty: It's repairing itself.

[camera moves back as Eric, Vana, Trevor and Kitty running while Maxum Brain floats forward Fake Mega Santa]

  • Eric: Stop him, guys! If he takes off again we'll never find out what happened to the real Mega Santa. [jumps along with Vana, Trevor and Kitty]

[cuts to Mega Santa getting his head and legs kicked off by Vana and Kitty while Eric punches the whole body then cuts to Trevor chopping an arm in half with a candy cane then licks it then chops another arm then licks it again which then zooms out Maxum Brain, Vana, Kitty, Eric and Trevor celebrates their victory but Mega Santa's head lands then zooms to Fake Mega Santa's head]

  • Mega Santa: Way to go, geniuses. Now, Christmas will never ever happened.

[zooms to Eric complaining to Mega Santa]

  • Eric: What are you talking about!? And where is Mega Santa!?
  • Mega Santa: Mega Santa built me when he retired decades ago, I been delivering Christmas presents ever since.
  • Eric: So when I said stop him, guys
  • Mega Santa: You destroyed Christmas. [Mega Santa's head disappears]
  • Eric: What are you talking about!? And where is Mega Santa!?
  • Eric: [gasps then cries in high-pitch]

[cuts to Vana and Kitty]

  • Kitty: What's wrong? Why can't we hear him?
  • Maxum Brain: That's because of yell of his angst is so high-pitched only animals can detect it.

[cuts to dolphins covering their nostrils getting annoyed by Eric's high-pitch cries then cuts back to Maxum Brain, Vana, Kitty, Eric and Trevor]

  • Maxum Brain: Okay. If we are done ruining Christmas, it is time be going home.

[zooms in to Vana and Kitty]

  • Kitty: Oh well, at least we still have Halloween. [walks away]
  • Trevor: Can't we do anymore of that damage here. [walks away]

[cuts to Eric]

  • Eric: Wait! If we leave, kids all over the world will wake up with no presents. We have to do something.

[zooms in to Vana]

  • Vana: Well, we do have all the presents. [cuts to the bag full of presents]

[cuts to Vana and Kitty]

  • Kitty: And the Maxim Jet could achieve hypersonic speed.

[cuts to Trevor and Eric]

  • Eric: Let's do it! Let's deliver the Christmas presents ourselves!

[Eric and Trevor's face transition]
[cuts to Kitty and Vana pulling the bag of presents then zooms to reveal Eric and Maxum Brain pushing it]

  • Kitty: Wow! Who knew a bag hold every present for every kid in the entire whole world would be so heavy.

[cuts to Trevor climbing to the top of the bag]

  • Trevor: We could [head scratch] take some... [stops head scratching] presents out.

[cuts to Kitty and Vana]

  • Vana: Technically, our presents are in there. So, [zooms out to the bag] we could just take them.

[zooms in to Eric]

  • Eric: [thinking] Hm. Okay, fine but only our presents.

[Sidekick symbol transition]
[cuts to the presents being opened by Eric, Trevor, Vana, Kitty and Maxum Brain while sounds of joyfulness can be heard by them]
[cuts to Eric playing a toy dinosaur but brakes the upper jaw]
[cuts to Vana and Kitty having a tea party set but breaks the teacups]
[cuts to Trevor playing with a toy car but breaks of the wheels from the toy car]
[cuts to Maxum Brain playing with a abacus but the sticks carrying the balls fell off]

  • Maxum Brain: Oh dear. I do not think these presents are giveawayable any longer. [abacus stand fells off]

[zooms to Eric]

  • Eric: It's okay, we can fix this. I mean, we're at Santa's workshop, right. [zooms to Vana, Kitty, Maxum Brain and Trevor] We'll make new presents for the whole new world.

[Vana, Kitty, Maxum Brain and Trevor upset]

  • Kitty and Maxum Brain: Awww!!!
  • Vana: Come on!
  • Trevor: Wanna go home now!

[zooms to Eric blinking]

  • Vana: Ugh, fine!
  • Maxum Brain: You do know that is mathematically impossible.
  • Trevor: I wasn't listening

[cuts to Kitty excited]

  • Kitty: I love you decisive and all other times.
  • Eric: [confused] What?
  • Kitty: [smiling] What?

[transitions to Trevor turning on a welding torch while weaing a welding helmet]
[cuts to Eric using a wrench up and down]
[cuts to Vana putting on a snow tank on the snow blaster while Kitty holds it then blasts her with snow]
[cuts to Maxum Brain controlling a R/C car with Trevor riding on it which then the R/C car stops and sends Trevor flying]
[cuts to Eric using an impact wrench the leg which then zooms out to reveal the whole robot]
[cuts to the bag being filled up with presents]
[cuts to Mega Santa's workshop shaking as the noises of tools can heard]
[transitions to Trevor wrapping the bag with a rope]
[pans down to Kitty, Vana, Maxum Brain and Eric at the bottom of the bag]

  • Eric: These... are the most AWESOME PRESENTS EVER! I mean we would not get presents like this.

[everyone acting evil]
[cuts to Mega Santa's workshop shaking as the present were crashing down] [cuts to everyone getting excited then upset]

  • Everyone: Aaaaawwwww.
  • Eric: Okay, let's try this again. And this time we made slightly-less cool presents. So, they're still cool but not so cool, we'll open 'em again.

[zooms out to everyone feeling sad]
[Eric runs but is stopped by Maxum Brain]

  • Maxum Brain: Wait. [drops Eric then zooms in to him and Eric which then made Eric sad] I am sorry but is even less probable for us make more presents [a rooster calls while sunlight shines from the window] and still deliver them on time. [Eric runs to the window]

[cuts to Eric putting his face on the window]

  • Eric: [gasps] It's almost Christmas morning, [let's go of the window and sighs] I was about to have my first Super Christmas ever [facepalms] and I destroyed it!

[cuts to Kitty and Vana exhausted]

  • Vana: Raise your hand if you're surprised.

[cuts to Eric being approached by Trevor]

  • Trevor: I'm so [hugs Eric] proud of you.

[cuts to Kitty and Vana then zooms out to Maxum Brain approaching them]

  • Kitty: We could try fixing the Fake Mega Santa. If he is [Maxum Brain floats away] powerful as the real Mega Santa, I bet he could deliver the presents on time.

[cuts to Maxum Brain checking the screen of a computer]

  • Maxum Brain: No go. When you delegacy smash it to bits, you sorted it out, it is broken unlike me [cuts to Trevor and Eric smiling] who has a self-prepared function which is easily transferable to any machine. [Trevor and Eric looks at each other as they get the idea then cuts to Eric holding a plug] Only is there some way.. [stops talking only to find out that Trevor is holding another plug then plugs it into a socket]

[cuts to Kitty and Vana worried]

  • Kitty: Uhhh. Eric, should we see if their power supply is compatible before you attach them.
  • Eric: Relax, this is totally gonna work.

[cuts to Mega Santa's workshop being blown up]
[zooms to the aftermath of the explosion]
[Maxum Brain deactivates his force field]

  • Maxum Brain: Ahem!

[zooms in to Eric taking cover then zooms out to everyone]

  • Eric: Wow! Thanks for saving us, Spring. [zooms in to Eric] That's it, I officially ruined Christmas again.
  • Trevor: Maybe doing it the third twice will fix it. [grabs plug]

[zooms out to Kitty and Vana preventing Trevor from plugging Maxum Brain to another socket]

  • Kitty and Vana: No! Stop putting it in!
  • Eric: Trevor.
  • Nicholas: Trevor, enough! [cuts to Nicholas in front of the destroyed door then he facepalms] Just look that this mess, Mrs. Mega Santa is gonna be so mad.

[cuts to everyone]

  • Kitty: Uh. Hello, sir. Can we help you with something?

[zooms out to everyone being approached by Nicholas]

  • Nicholas: Sure, help me by not blowing up anymore of my stuff.

[zooms in to Trevor approaching Nicholas]

  • Trevor: This super old dude is Mega Santa? I don't think so.
  • Nicholas: Wow! You just radiate naughty.

[cuts to Nicholas transforming into his robot mode, MEGA SANTA!!!]

  • Mega Santa: Ho! Ho! Super Ho!

[cuts to Eric]

  • Eric: Mega Santa? [takes off wipes his glasses then puts it back on] It is you. [runs to Mega Santa but drop his glasses then cuts to Eric hugging Mega Santa's leg] But you're too late, it's almost morning.

[zooms to Mega Santa]

  • Mega Santa: No, there's still time but I'll need help. [bends his gluteal muscles] Butt lacks, it used to be. You think Maxum Man would mind if you sidekick with me for a while.

[zooms to Eric having his jaw dropped]

  • Trevor: If he doesn't want to. I'll.. [gets punched by Eric]

[zooms out to Mega Santa]

  • Mega Santa: [picks up Eric on his shoulder and turns him around] Hold On! [files off with Eric then cuts to Earth surrounded by red atoms of Mega Santa as he delivers presents to people around the world]

[cuts to Maxum Man, Kitty, Vana and Trevor surprised by Mega Santa's speed]

  • Maxum Brain: Whoa! That Mega Santa is one fast... [zooms out to Mega Santa and Eric landing]
  • Mega Santa: Done.

[zooms to Kitty]

  • Kitty: Wow, Eric! What was it like?

[cuts to Eric about to throw up then runs to the destroyed men's bathroom and pukes]
[transitions to Maxum Mansion during the sunrise]

  • Kitty: Thanks for flying us home Mega Santa. Sorry about Eric, I guess he doesn't handle superspeed well.

[zooms to Vana and Kitty]

  • Vana: [upset] He doesn't handle anything well.

[zooms out to Maxum Brain, Vana, Kitty, Mega Santa and Trevor being approached by Eric]

  • Eric: Eh. Mega Santa, I'm really sorry for I destroy your robot and your workshop. And puked on your boots.

[zooms to Mega Santa with Eric and Trevor surrounding him]

  • Mega Santa: [pats Eric's head] Don't worry, I know you tried hard to save Christmas. You should be proud. Here's a little something from your Christmas list to say thanks. [takes out his missile-toe launcher] Ho! Ho! Super Ho! [fires a Missile-Toe from his missile-toe launcher]

[zooms to the dust that reveals Eric feeling conscious from the missile-toe, he then get really excited]
[zooms out to reveal one of his Christmas presents, an ape]

  • Eric: It's... perfect. [hug his pet ape]
  • Trevor: [walks toward Eric and his pet ape] Aw man, you're so lucky! What do I get? [gets grabbed and eaten by my Eric's pet ape]

[cuts to Mega Santa]

  • Mega Santa: Uh. Maybe next year, Trevor. You have to be nice to get something, remember?

[cuts to Eric, his pet gorilla and Trevor]

  • Trevor: Oh man, forget it.

[Episode ends with Eric still hugging his pet gorilla while Trevor being sucked by Eric's pet ape like a fruit or a leaf]

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