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is an green fish/human hybird, and is friends with Eric and the gang. He lives in a giant cube of water in the middle of Splittsboro and he uses a breathing machine whenever he is not in water. He is voiced by Carter Hayden. He also loves Eric needles and Vana Glama at the same time.

Biography Edit

Finn lives inside of a giant cube of water. He needs to use a special breathing machine to help him breathe when he is not in water.


Finn is a green fish person with glasses, a blonde mullet, a light blue shirt with green pants. He usually wears a breathing device on his back, whenever he's not in water enviroments.


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Episode Appearances


  • His name is a pun on fin which is a reference to a part of a fish's body, like his name is.
  • Everyone first met Finn in the episode Exchange Student from the Black Lagoon but in his previous episode appearance, Love Fights, Eric was acting like he already knew him.
  • He might have a crush on Vana because of in the episode Love Fights.
  • Finn is the second Cartoon Network character to be named Finn. The first one being Finn from Adventure Time[1]
  • Finn attends the Sidekick Academy, but it is unknown who is his super.

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