Technology renders the sidekicks obsolete.

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Eric Needles: Those robots don't stand a chance!

(After battle, Eric, Trevor, Vana and Kitty are tied up)

Eric Needles: Wow, they had such a ginormous chance.

Trevor: Totally. Vana: Yeah-huh! Kitty: Fo' sho

Static Clint: Sidekicks maybe, But they're no match for full-blown superheroes!!

After battle, the heroes are seen tied up)

Static Clint: Wow, they're so much more than a match for full blown superheroes.

(Everybody tied up with him agrees)

Master XOX: Those Loids are going down!!!

(After battle with the Loids, the villains are tied up with the heroes)

Master XOX: Wow...they did not go down...

(Everyone else tied up agrees)

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Sidekick Episode 37b - I, Sidebot11:31

Sidekick Episode 37b - I, Sidebot

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