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Katherine "Kitty" Ko
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Kitty Ko/Aztec Girl








Eric Needles, Lightning Lass, kittens


Moving fast, lifting heavy objects, clowns, Mandy Struction


Vana Glama
Eric Needles
(Possibly) Trevor Troublemeyer

First Appearance:

Maxum Man Mark 2

Voice Actor:

Denise Oliver

Katherine "Kitty" Ko is one of the heroines in the show, and one major characteristic about her is her crush on Eric.


She wears a short sleeved white shirt, along with a green and yellow striped tie, a red and green plaid skirt and two red hairclips in her hair. In addition, she also wears a pair of knee high socks and a pair of dark black shoes. She had two left feet.

According to Todd Kauffman, Kitty is Chinese.

The age of Kitty is unknown. Some fans say that Kitty is 11. However, According to Todd Kauffman, she is 13.

In For Real Estate, Kitty's eye color is blue.

In Parent Teacher Night of Doom, Kitty is an android.


Kitty is a boy-crazy heroine despite being a little off-the wall, serves up totally stellar advice. She likes kittens. She is a fan of Joshua Sideburns, as seen in Comic Book Zombies. She does anything to get Joshua as seen in Teenage Mummies in Love, though Joshua seems not interested of Kitty actions towards him. In The Maxum Method, Vana finally stops Kitty from embracing Joshua, but Kitty didn't give up, so Vana cut the rope and Kitty fell off all the way down.

In Sleepless In Splitsboro, it is revealed that:

  • her nightmare is technology turn against her and Eric hanging out with Vana instead of saving her
  • her nicest dream is spending time with Eric.


  • In Like Supervillain, Like Son and Shopping Spree, Kitty can grow muscles that she don't like lift or push heavy objects to think about how very strong she was in the first season.
  • In Those Who Can't Teach after spilling acid on herself which destroys all the muscle and skin in her left arm up to the elbow (reducing it to bone) after being off-screen ~15 seconds her arm is back to normal. This indicates she either has a super-powered healing factor, has some kind of device to repair her wounds or her android self-repair system.


Eric NeedlesEdit

Kitty has a huge, almost stalker-like, obsessive crush on Eric. Whenever she says something about her crush on Eric, Eric usually replies 'what?' then Kitty says 'what?' to cover up what she said to him, because she wants to keep her crush on Eric a secret.

Vana GlamaEdit

Even though she and Vana are best friends, Kitty acts more of her lackey/assistant in the show.

Trevor TroublemeyerEdit

According to YTV's website, both Kitty and Trevor hate each other very much. However, despite of that, in the series, they rarely show any signs of hating each other. Instead, they are shown as rather civil or even friendly to one another. But, there are some episodes that Kitty is shown to be annoyed by Trevor's stupity, while Trevor dislikes her for unspeakable reasons. Nonetheless, they are shown as good friends.

In the episode 'The Henchmen Challenge' is showed the only conflict between Kitty and Trevor. Kitty didn't like that Trevor was making Eric cheat and Trevor didn't like that she was trying to get Eric to play fair.


Master XoxEdit

Because the Sidekick's greatest enemy is XOX, Kitty hates him the most. She'll do anything to beat the evil out of XOX, out of all the others.

Mandy StructionEdit

Because Kitty also has a huge crush on Eric, she hates Mandy and even points a laser gun at her the first time she sees her. The animosity between her and Mandy is completely one-sided on Kitty's side and it is unknown wether Mandy will hate Kitty as much as Kitty hates her in season 2 or not.


Kitty has worn a wedding dress twice in the show:

  • In 'Maxum Man Mark 2' she said that Maxum Man was the best man at her and Eric's dream wedding.
  • In Identity Crisis' when Eric asks what her sidekick name is, Kitty had a flashback of her wearing a wedding dress saying 'bride of Eric'.

Kitty's crush on Eric is similar to:

  • Sierra's crush on Cody from Total Drama World Tour
  • Maurecia's crush on Todd from Wayside
  • Tootie's crush on Timmy from The Fairly OddParents
  • Isabella's crush on Phineas from Phineas and Ferb
  • Amy's crush on Sonic from Sonic X

Her first name comes flast name comes from the Chinese and Korean word (高 "Gāo" in China or 고 "Ko" in Korea) meaning high and tall referening to her high personality and one of the octets (kilooctet) referening to her being an android that store informations (which the reason on why she gives a lot of advices to her friends).


Kitty is voiced by Denise Oliver, who also voiced:

  • Maurecia from the cartoon called "Wayside"
  • Hazel from "My Friend Rabbit"
  • Yu from "Beyblade Metal Fusion"
  • Mina Beff from "Grojband".

In the Funpak shorts, she was voiced by Stephanie Beard.


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