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Mandy Struction
Mandy Struction
Mandy Struction walking with Eric


Mandy Struction














Mr. and Mrs. Struction

First Appearance:

Match Dot Con

Voice Actor:

Stacey DePass

Mandy Struction is Eric's new crush. She has seismic boots that can cause tremors in the floor whenever she stomps down. She is much taller than the other kids, suggesting she might be older than them, or simply hit her growth spurt earlier. She also has a crush on Eric, which is why Kitty hates her. She is voiced by Stacey Depass.


Mandy comes from an evil family and she is born to be evil but she wants to be good. She still with Eric and wants to be good so she can date him.


Mandy wears an old-fashioned dress with poofy shoulders that ends mid-thigh, and is decorated with redstripes and black skulls. She has flashy red glasses/goggles, and a pair of Seismo-Shoes. She has long, dark reddish-brown hair which always covers half her face. She is much taller than Eric, Kitty, Trevor and Vana, which could suggest that she is a few years older than them.


For being a villain, Mandy can be very nice.


Mandy's powers are all in her shoes, literally. Her shoes are able to cause earthquakes and are able to split the ground beneath her to prevent othe
Seismic Boots

Seismic Boots

rs from pursuing her or to drop her opponents into.

Relationship with Other CharactersEdit

Mandy and Eric

Mandy and Eric drawing graffiti at the school dance

Eric NeedlesEdit

Eric and Mandy both have crushes on each other and are fully aware of each other's feelings, but because they are good and evil, their love cannot be, but they can be secret friends. It is kind of like Romeo and Juliet, though.

Kitty KoEdit


Kitty glares at Mandy

Because Kitty also has a huge crush on Eric, she hates Mandy and even points a laser gun at her the first time she sees her. However, in "Oh Trevor, Where Art Thou?" Kitty plans to kill Mandy only to fail and have Mandy rescue her every time. After this Mandy gives Kitty a friendship bracelet, having never received one before Kitty is touched, at the end of the episode Mandy and Kitty are shown to be great friends.

The Mass-DestructionsEdit

Mandy's family runs this evil crime syndicate, and uses Seismo-Shoes to create earthquakes to do all kinds of evil things.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • Fans beileve that Mandy could replace Vana as Eric's crush of the series.
  • Mandy is voiced by Stacey DePass who's better known for voicing Nikki Wong from "6teen", Sharon Spitz from the later episodes of "Braceface" and was also in the live-action comedy sketch, "Bobroom".
  • She's a bit simlliar to Wreck-it Ralph from the movie "Wreck-it Ralph."
    • Their both bad guys, but their both very nice. So that doesn't make them "bad guys," really.
  • She might probably not be a bad guy in the third season.


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