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Eric tries some contact lenses.


Eric's new contact lenses turn out to be evil.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

  • Eric Needles
  • Trevor Troublemeyer
  • Master XOX

Suporting Roles Edit

  • Vana Glama
  • Kitty Ko
  • Pamplemoose
  • Dr McCone

Guest Characters (from Scaredy Squirrel) Edit

  • Scaredy (cameo) (Kitty)
  • Dave (cameo) (Trevor)
  • Sally (cameo) (Vana)

Minor Roles Edit

  • Mayor Swift (cameo)


Trivia Edit

  • When Eric uses the new vision, he sees Vana, Kitty and Trevor as Scaredy, Dave and Sally from "Scaredy Squirrel." This is due to both shows being made by Nelvana.
  • The title is based off the term x-ray vision.

Video Edit

Sidekick Episode 42b - Master XOX Ray Vision11:33

Sidekick Episode 42b - Master XOX Ray Vision

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