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Beating up Evil


Getting beat up by Evil


Maxum Mom (Mother), Maxum Dad (Father), Maxum Mutt (pet), Maxum Mel (brother) Maxum Brain (Used to be partner in crime; now computer/butler)

Voice Actor:

Ron Pardo

Maxum Man is a weak superhero and a prominent character. He has mysteriously disappeared and no one, except for Eric, Trevor and Maxum Brain know that.


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Maxum Man is seen as a faithful hero, but he is also egotistical. When Golly Gee Kid was his sidekick, Maxum Man never gave him much respect, often using him as a human weapon/shield. Nevertheless, he is a brave superhero who will do anything to fight evil, and cheese, oh cheese especially Master XOX, his archenemy.


Maxum Man comes from a family of superheroes that all seem to wear similar costumes and have similar powers. As such, Maxum Mom is a good reference to Maxum Man's powers, since she appears sometimes. He had many confrontations from minor foes like the Extrapolator, to evil masterminds like Master XOX. Many of these fights have been shown on educational videos at the Sidekick Academy. However, sometime in his life, he went missing, leaving his new sidekick Eric to make sure he is still on duty.


  • In App-y Days Maxum Man is shown when Maxum Brain sucked all the junk into Eric's room.
  • Maxum Man is clearly based on the DC Comics superhero, Superman.
  • As seen at the end of "The Fortress Of Maxumtude", Maxum Man caught his old cape, which was thrown by Master XOX. This indicates he may have been hiding there without notice.