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The Moustachesquatch is a moustache monster.

Appearance Edit

As its name goes, the Mustachesquatch's appearance is incorporated with hair-like textures and designs. Brown in colour, it has a mustache below its nose.

Personality Edit

As Nate Errman, it is a perfectly calm and civilized hippie, but in its true form, it has a feral, ferocious nature.

History Edit

According to stories, once a person gets bitten by it, the victim will grow a giant living moustache, made permanent on a full moon. The only way to lift the curse is to eliminate the one that bit the victim. He once disguised himself as Nate Errman, a hippie camp counselor. This indicates that the Moustachesquatch species include more than one.

Trivia Edit

  • The Moustachesquatch is heavily based on the Bigfoot.

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