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Mr. Ko is the "father" of Kitty. He bears a similar appearance to and acts like his daughter. He, along with Mrs. Ko, were built by Kitty to serve as her parents.[1] Mr. Ko, along with his "wife" are able to join together and become a robot.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Ko wears a white t-shirt with a green tie along with black pants. His hair is neat and his face and build is shaped exactly like his daughter's.

Personality Edit

Mr. Ko, like his wife, is a strict parent, often wanting Kitty to succeed and get perfect grades, especially when Pamplemoose said that she was a good student, but Mr. Ko noticed one "B" and got angry.

Trivia Edit

  • Its robot form bears physical similarities to a Gundam.
  • No information is given on what happened to the real version of him. It is most likely that he (along with his wife) either abandoned Kitty (possibly as a baby), got killed or both.
  • Mr. Ko is voiced by Denise Oliver who also voices his wife and daughter.


  1. Parent Teacher Night of Doom

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