Sidekick Opening Theme Song (In English)00:31

Sidekick Opening Theme Song (In English)

The opening sequence is played before every episode of Sidekick. It is played to the tune of I'm a Sidekick. The theme song was composed by William Kevin Anderson.


We are Splitsboro kids

And we go to Sidekick school

Learning to be second best

While playing by the rules.

Maxum Man is missing

Now we rule the school

Flying,smashing,bashing stuff

And looking super cool!

I'm a Sidekick! Sidekick!

That's the life for me

Half-sized super zeros

With full-sized hero dreams!

I'm a Sidekick! Sidekick!

What an awesome gig

Just like super heroes ( just like super zeroes )

But only half as big! SIDEKICK!

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