Pamplemoose and Son


Pamplemoose and Son

CAN. Airdate:

January 22nd, 2011

U.S. Airdate:

July 13th, 2011


Micheal Decsi


Joey So

Storyboard Artist(s)

No information


No information




Eric turns out to be Pamplemoose's son because he has the same birth mark as him. So Eric is happy but then Pamplemoose goes crazy. So Eric has to sneak out just to walk to school with his friends. When Pamplemoose makes him stop being Maxum Man's sidekick he tries to make him be the assistant headmaster of the sidekick academy instead. But when Pamplemoose tries to make Eric choose one of his friends to jump into a tank of Vicious Man Eating Robo Sharks, Eric does it for them and the birth mark turns out to be pizza sauce. Eric doesn't take it seriously and acts like Pamplemoose is stupid, then Pamplemoose gets angry and yells that Eric is his permanet volunteer and tries to whack him with a spike ball on a chain.




Sidekick Episode 22b - Pamplemoose and Son11:32

Sidekick Episode 22b - Pamplemoose and Son

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