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Professor Pamplemoose
Professor pamplemoose


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Alien Transformation (Funpak shorts)

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Professor Pamplemoose is the cruel headmaster at the school Eric and his friends attend. He has a German accent. he always "...rains on Eric and Trevor's parade" and is angry every day, so he takes it out on his students. Unsurprisingly, he is not very nice to his students.

The cruel Headmaster at the Sidekick Academy, Pampelmoose is a strict disciplinarian who runs the school like it was prison camp. He has devoted his life to turning worthless students into worthless Sidekicks - and nothing will stop him! Except a good strudel. He’ll stop for strudel.


Alien Transformation (Funpack Shorts, 2005)Edit

It is revealed that Trevor's dad turned Pamplemoose from a human to who he is now.

Crudburger (Season 1, Episode 5)Edit

In the episode "Crudburger", Pamplemoose has a Perfect Attendance Record, and says that nobody has ever skipped his class and survived, by following Eric & Trevor through the evil side of Splitsboro to prevent his record from being ruined, as well as encountering Master XOX, though in the end, he captured the two boys heading back to the school, and sentenced them to detention (as well as destroying their Crudburger Triple Slams).

Gone Gaga (Season 1, Episode 11)Edit

In the episode "Gone Gaga" When Pamplemoose fell for Eric, he once tries to get out of his Hover Chair, but it's revealed he couldn't, it may be that Pamplemoose might of stay in the Chair long or he completely attach to it. Still unknown if he has gotten out before as he did say he going to get an hot bath which was mentioned in the episode "Crud Burger"

Pamplemoose And Son (Season 1, Episode 22)Edit

Eric Needles turns out to be Professor Pamplemoose's son because he has the same birth mark as him. So Eric is happy, but then Pamplemoose goes crazy. So Eric has to sneak out just to walk to school with his friends. Then, Pamplemoose makes him stop being Maxum Man's sidekick, and he tries to make Eric be the assistant headmaster of the sidekick academy instead. However, when Pamplemoose tries to make Eric choose one of his friends to jump into a tank of Vicious Man Eating Robo Sharks, Eric does it for them and the birth mark turns out to be pizza sauce. Eric doesn't take it seriously and acts like Pamplemoose is stupid. Pamplemoose gets angry and yells that Eric is his permanent volunteer; and he tries to wack him with a spike ball on a chain.

Trivia Edit

  • The official Sidekick website spells his last name as both "Pamplemoose" and "Pampelmoose".
  • He is voiced by Patrick McKenna who also voied Betty's father in "Atomic Betty". In the Funpak shorts, he was voiced by Alex Nussbaum.
  • His hoverchair is a reference to the Marvel super-villain, MODOK.
  • Pamplemoose is similar to Mr. Lancer from Danny Phantom, because they are both bald, both have hair when they were younger and they are both strict disciplinarians to the main character.
  • Pamplemoose is also similar to Mr. Wilter from ChalkZone, because they are both old, moody and they both have hatred to the main character.


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