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The third and final season of Sidekick was broadcast from June 1, to September 14, 2013. It contained 12 episodes, bringing the series a total of 52 episodes.


Episode # Title[1] Original air date[2] Prod. Code
41 "Teacher's Pet / Opossum Man" June 1, 2013 301
Teacher's Pet: Eric has to dodge Pamplemoose if he wants to join the gang at their new school.

Opossum Man: Eric's old pal returns as a rodent.

42 "Black Top, Dark Matter / Master XOX Ray Vision" June 8, 2013 302
Black Top, Dark Matter: Eric goes on a dangerous mission.

Master XOX Ray Vision: Eric tries contact lenses.

43 "Oh Trevor, Where Art Thou? / XOX to be You" June 15, 2013 303
Oh Trevor, Where Art Thou?: Trevor goes missing on a camping trip

XOX to be You: Master XOX creates a weapon.

44 "Eric and the Maxum Brain Factory / Trip Van Twinkle Toes" June 22, 2013 304
Eric and the Maxum Brain Factory: Maxum Brain returns to meet his maker.

Trip Van Twinkle Toes: A dancing supervillain enslaves the town.

45 "Pains, Sprains, and Maxum Mobiles / Maxum Men" June 29, 2013 305
Pains, Sprains, and Maxum Mobiles: Eric and Trevor go for a ride in the new Maxum mobile.

Maxum Men: Maxum Brain tells the story of his secret past.

46 "Hullaballoo / For Real Estate" July 6, 2013 306
Hullaballoo: Vana challenges her sister.

For Real Estate: Eric accedentally sells the mansion to villains.

47 "Multimaker / A XOX for Good" July 13, 2013 307
Multimaker: Eric clones himself.

A XOX for Good: XOX reveals a univerese with good villains and bad heroes.

48 "The Dingalingish Patient / Parent Teacher Night of Doom" July 20, 2013 308
The Dingalingish Patient: A villain takes advantage of Eric's guilt.

Parent Teacher Night of Doom: A sidekick's nightmare becomes true.

49 "Eric on Board / Pamp My Ride" July 27, 2013 309
Eric on Board: Eric becomes chairman of the mansion.

Pamp My Ride: Eric and Trevor customize Pamplemoose's ride.

50 "Oppoxox / Walter Ego Presents: Vapo House" August 24, 2013 310
Oppoxox: Master XOX wants to be a good guy.

Walter Ego Presents: Vapo House: the gang star on a reality show.

51 "The Running of the Trolls / Superbest in Show" September 7, 2013 311
The Running of the Trolls: The town battles trolls.

Superbest in Show: Eric and Maxum Mutt compete in a pet show.

52 "Those Who Can't Teach / Graduation Daze" September 14, 2013 312
Those Who Can't Teach: Professor Pamplemoose gets fired.

Graduation Daze: Graduation day at the Academy. Series Finale


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