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The second season of Sidekick started on October 8, 2011 and finished on April 14, 2012. It features 14 episodes.


Episode # Title[1] Original air date[2] Prod. Code
27 "My Brother, My Pimple / The Superest Day of the Year" October 8, 2011 201
My Brother, My Pimple: Eric gets a pimple which grows into a Siamese twin type clone attached to his face.

The Superest Day of the Year: Eric experiences his first parade on Hurray for Splitsboro Day. Which makes Eric realize that the celebration is dangerous!

28 "Love Fights / A Sidecar Named Desire" October 15, 2011 202
Love Fights: Eric fights through other suitors to give Vana his Valentine's Day card.

A Sidecar Named Desire: The boys modify the sidecar.

29 "Circus Jerkus / Anty Maim" October 22, 2011 203
Circus Jerkus: Kidnapped superheroes are made to perform at the circus.

Anty Maim: Giant ants rule the world.

30 "The Heartbreak Golly Gee Kid / App-y Days" November 5, 2011 204
The Heartbreak Golly Gee Kid: The new mysterious lunch lady has a crush on the Golly Gee Kid.

App-y Days: Maxum Brain makes a smart phone app.

31 "Exchange Student From the Black Lagoon / Fortress of Maxumtude" November 26, 2011 205
Exchange Student From the Black Lagoon: Eric accidentally eats a member of his new friend Finn's family.

Fortress of Maxumtude: Eric discovers that Maxum Man has a secret fortress. They then find a video showing about the fortress. In the end, Eric and the gang can't find the fortress. But it turns out that the tiny house was a decoy. and that a arm shows that maybe Maxum Man's real headquarters.

32 "Insane in the Cranial / What's He Hiding?" December 3, 2011 206
Insane in the Cranial: The sidekicks vie for a spot at Cranials.

What's He Hiding?: Vana thinks Eric is hiding something.

33 "House of Helmut / Supermodels" January 11, 2012 207
House of Helmut: Pamplemoose has a date and needs a housesitter.

Supermodels: Eric is determined to have a good school picture taken this year.

34 "Eric Amazing / Trevor the Hero" January 21, 2012 208
Eric Amazing: Eric switches bodies with Allan Amazing so he can be amazing.

Trevor the Hero: Trevor accidentally saves Pamplemoose's life.

35 "Eric and Trevor's Mediocre Adventure / The Grim Gerbil" February 4, 2012 209
Eric and Trevor's Mediocre Adventure: Eric and Trevor go back in time to retake a test.

The Grim Gerbil: Trevor has the ability to talk to other animals after eating radioactive dog food.

36 "Gimme a Sign / Sidekicks Rule!" February 25, 2012 210
Gimme a Sign: Eric needs a signature to go on the best field trip ever.

Sidekicks Rule!: The sidekicks celebrate "Sidekick Day" where they get to treat the supers like servants.

37 "The Land Before Grunk / I, Sidebot" March 3, 2012 211
The Land Before Grunk:When Eric accidentally un-freezes a super villain during an archaeological field trip who then falls in love with Kitty.

I, Sidebot: Technology renders the sidekicks obsolete.

38 "Adventures in Supersitting / Mandy-o and Eric-et" March 24, 2012 212
Adventures in Supersitting: Vana and Kitty are babysitting.

Mandy-o and Eric-et: No one wants Eric and Mandy hanging out together.

39 "Sidekick Sideshow / Maxum Method" March 31, 2012 213
Sidekick Sideshow: The gang become contestants on a popular game show.

Maxum Method: Joshua Sideburns is back and he is filming a Maxum Man movie.

40 "Of Mouse and Mel / Iron Sidechef" April 14, 2012 214
Of Mouse and Mel: Maxum Man's brother comes for a visit.

Iron Sidechef: Eric discovers he has a talent for cooking.


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