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Welcome to the Sidekick Wiki! If you want an international knowledge-base for this epic Canadian animation program, you've found the place! Join the talk. Be an active part of the community. Most of all, have fun and share your love for this amazing show.

Be wary that IP addresses are called "civilians", users are called "sidekicks" and admins are called "superheroes" to suit the motif of the topic.
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15,474 edits and 272 pages! Phew!

Canada Day Countdown

35 Days till Canada Day!

Independence Day Countdown

39 Days till Independence Day!

Sidekick 6th anniversary Countdown

98 Days till the 6th anniersary of the show!

Halloween Countdown

157 Days till Halloween!

Super Festivus Countdown

213 Days till Super Festivus!

Super Hanukkah Countdown

216 Days till Super Hanukkah!

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215 Days till Super Christmas!

Nuke Year's Eve Countdown

219 Days till Nuke Year's Eve! 2016/2017

Olympic/Paralympic Games Countdown

67 Days till the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
100 Days till the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

About the show

Sidekick is a show set in the world of superheroes and villains, where the only thing Eric Needles desires is to be a great sidekick and have an awesome adventures. He gets his chance when he is adopted by world renowned superhero Maxum Man. Unfortunately, Maxum Man does a disappearing act leaving only Eric and his guardian Maxum Brain to be in charge of making sure the world thinks he is still on duty.

Trevor-troublemeyer1 Vana-glama1 Kitty-ko1
Eric Needles Trevor Troublemeyer Vana Glama Kitty Ko
And much more!

Superheroes (Administrators)

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TimandEricman RaiderZ DeeBenn KINGBOBMC Dfsvenezuela

If you need help, feel free to tell us!

Featured Article

Mandy Struction
Mandy Struction is a resident of the evil side of Splitsboro. She has seismic boots that can cause tremors in the floor whenever she stomps down.


Blog Posts

  • TimandEricman

    On February 2nd, we will celebrate the 5th anniversary of the wikia. And to celebrate this event, we will unveil a new look on February 1st, publish a history of the wikia, a pop quiz relating to the show and much more. In response, we will set up a countdown to the anniversary celebration and the …

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    Portable Infoboxes?

    December 13, 2015 by KINGBOBMC

    Wikia is constantly making better things and better things, one in particular are portable infoboxes. So what are these things? Well, previous infobox layoutss are built with tables and divs, which wikia says are broken when viewed on mobile. As an effort to optimize the infobox for both desktop and…

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  • TimandEricman

    Special Annoucement

    December 13, 2015 by TimandEricman

    We are having a big annoucement to make for all of you, sidekicks and civilans. STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS!!!

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Wiki Pledge

I pledge to my wiki, the Sidekick Wiki,
to be super-friendly, super-honesty and super loyal.
I promise that I will take responsibility for my wiki with super-care.
And to defend it from any supervillains.
So help me, Maxum Man.

The Sidekicks' YouTube Channels

MandyYTchannelicon TrevorYTchannelicon EricYTchannelicon VanaYTchannelicon KittyYTchannelicon

Newest Updates

  • Due to inactivity of the wiki, its time we say farewell to our friend, Roberto a.k.a. Crossovers.
  • Wiki pledge added.
  • Theme of the wikia changed to red, white and green in time for Super Christmas and other holidays in December.
  • Users are now being called different titles to suit the topic! Ask on the forums or a superhero.
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