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Welcome to the Sidekick Wiki! If you want an international knowledge-base for this epic Canadian animation program, you've found the place! Join the talk. Be an active part of the community. Most of all, have fun and share your love for this amazing show.


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Sidekick is a show set in the world of superheroes and villains, where the only thing Eric Needles desires is to be a great sidekick and have an awesome adventures. He gets his chance when he is adopted by world renowned superhero Maxum Man. Unfortunately, Maxum Man does a disappearing act leaving only Eric and his guardian Maxum Brain to be in charge of making sure the world thinks he is still on duty.

The Sidekicks' Youtube channels

TrevorYTchannelicon EricYTchannelicon VanaYTchannelicon KittyYTchannelicon

Newest Updates

  • The Sidekick gang created 4 Youtube accounts for each seasons.
  • The show airs on CBBC in the United Kingdom
  • Transcripts are being added to episodes plus there are categories for which character the episode revolves around!
  • According to a Facebook post by the creator of Sidekick, Todd Kauffman, Cartoon Network has acquired Sidekick. Let us rejoice!
  • The Sidekick Wiki is beginning episode, relationship and character pages! Help us expand them.
  • The series has officially ended with Graduation Daze.
  • A new wordmark has been added!
  • A new favicon has been added!

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