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Welcome to the Sidekick Wiki! If you want an international knowledge-base for this epic Canadian animation program, you've found the place! Join the talk. Be an active part of the community. Most of all, have fun and share your love for this amazing show.

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About the show

Sidekick is a show set in the world of superheroes and villains, where the only thing Eric Needles desires is to be a great sidekick and have an awesome adventures. He gets his chance when he is adopted by world renowned superhero Maxum Man. Unfortunately, Maxum Man does a disappearing act leaving only Eric and his guardian Maxum Brain to be in charge of making sure the world thinks he is still on duty.

Trevor-troublemeyer1 Vana-glama1 Kitty-ko1
Eric Needles Trevor Troublemeyer Vana Glama Kitty Ko
And much more!

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Trevor Troublemeyer is Eric's partner in shenanigans and can always rope him into all sorts of hijinks. Read More...

Superheroes (Administrators)

Did you know that..

  • Mega Santa in normal form resembles Don Cherry, a Canadian ice hockey commentator, former NHL coach and professional hockey player.

The Sidekicks' YouTube Channels

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  • Users are now being called different titles to suit the topic! Ask on the forums or a superhero.
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  • Super Morals are being added for each episode.
  • Transcripts and Gallery Screencaps are being added to episodes plus there are categories for which main character the episode revolves around!
  • The Sidekick Wiki is beginning episode, relationship and character pages! Help us expand them.
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