[Episode opens with a close up of Sidekick Academy while the bell rings which then shows Vana and Kitty skipping together while singing a song similar to a nursery rhyme]

  • Vana and Kitty: [Skips and sings] It's test day today, it's test day today... [Vana and Kitty stops skipping then sees a defensive fighting position fighting hole set up by Eric and Trevor]
  • Eric: Tests are the enemy, no one can make us take then, no one!!
  • Vana: [kicks the defensive fighting position then drools while talking to Eric] Stop avoiding it, Eric. This test is happening.

[Eric and Trevor scared by Vana's drooling]

  • Trevor: Check it out, dude. She's foaming from the mouth.
  • Vana: So get ready to fail.
  • Eric and Trevor: [Screams no and hug each other] Nooooooo!
  • Trevor: She's right. Unless we do that thing where [Trevor grab his nose] we grab the wall's nose and scream. [Trevor pulls his nose and let's go of it then his nose smack his face]
  • Eric: Oh! You mean pull the fire alarm, yeah!

[Eric runs off then cuts off to Vana and Kitty standing next to the alarm switches with the Eric Needles-Free sign]

  • Vana: [stops Eric with her palm] Uh, you already pulled it 82 times to get out of the test.
  • Kitty: [Kitty points at the switches then cuts to be signs of the alarms tracking from left to right] Along with the bowel alarm, the typhoon alarm, the body odor alarm.

[A pig smells the body odor alarm then got disgusted]

  • Eric: What's that alarm?
  • Vana and Kitty: Uh?

[cuts to the gravity alarm]

  • Kitty: The gravity alarm.
  • Eric: [shakes Kitty's arm] Sold.

[cuts to Eric switching on the gravity alarm which causes him to float in mid-air]

  • Vana and Kitty: [floats in mid-air] Whoa!
  • Trevor: [floats in mid-air] Hey, the planet's not pulling me down anymore. What his problem!?

[Eric, Vana and Kitty enjoyed being in mid-air together which then cuts to Eric being to jump against the wall then cuts to Tervor, Vana and Kitty holding together in circles while Eric passes through a circle formed by them then cuts to Eric doing posses and crashing into the wall then cuts to the cafeteria door with Pampelmoose opening the doors.]

  • Professor Pampelmoose: Zero-G pranksters, prepare for a hundred years of detention. [floats in mid-air then cuts to him floating in mid-air] Oh my! This is delightful! No! This rabble-rouser must be punished. Oh, it's too much joyful!

[Pamplemoose flies off then cuts to Pamplemoose flying while bumping on the wall being watch by Eric and Trevor]

  • Eric: Wow! Pamplemoose is almost flying.

[cuts to Pamplemoose bumping Eric causes Eric to bump to a red button, the superintendent button which makes a red alarm go off]

  • Trevor, Vana and Kitty: Uh-Oh.
  • Professor Pampelmoose: The superintendent has summoned. I can't be seen engaging in school shenanigans!

[Pamplemoose flies off to switch off the gravity alarm which then cuts to Eric, Trevor, Vana and Kitty falling off then cuts to a cloud with yellow and blue lightning to reveal THE SUPERINTENDENT!!!]

  • The Superintendent: Why I was summoned to this suspicious situation?
  • Professor Pamplemoose: WHAT??? Oh, this alarm. Nobody pushed it, no rules broken!
  • Trevor: [wipes off fingerprints of Pampelmoose with a brush] Then who left these Pampelmoose-shaped fingerprints on the alarm?

[zooms to Pampelmoose's fingerprint]
[Pamplemoose laughs which annoyed the Superintendent]
[Sidekick symbol transition]
[The Superintendent opens the door grabbing Pampelmoose's hoverchair]

  • Professor Pampelmoose: I'm fired aren't I!? Aren't I? Aren't I?
  • The Superintendent: Yes, yes and yes. Also, I'm deporting you.
  • Professor Pampelmoose: Where? Wait? What don't mean?
  • The Superintendent: I do. [a claw crane grabs Pampelmoose's hoverchair and lifts him up] I'm send you back to your hometown, Freaksville!
  • Professor Pamlelmoose: [screams no] NOOOOOO! That place is a nightmare! A NIGHTMARE!

[cuts to the Eric, Trevor, Vana, Kitty and the Superintendent watching Pampelmoose being deported back to Freaksville]

  • Eric: That was rewarding. Woohoo! No more Pamplemoose to ruin my life and everything in it!
  • Trevor: Wicked!
  • Kitty: B-B-B-B-But who's gonna run the school now? I need school, we need school, right?
  • The Superintendent: It'll be a long hard search to someone equally qualified.
  • Vana: I'll do it.
  • The Superintendent: Done
  • Eric: What?! She isn't qualified to teach!
  • The Superintendent: I'll investigate that allegation by hiring a qualified investigator.
  • Trevor: I'll do it.
  • The Superintendent: Done
  • Eric: What?!
  • The Superintendent: Done. Done. And while I verify your qualifications... Oh, look grass!

[Vana laughs evilly]
[Sidekick symbol transition]
[The claw crane pushes Pampelmoose to a sidewalk in Freaksville when lifts up]
[Pampelmoose then climbs up to the sidewalk]

  • Professor Pampelmoose: Maybe Freaksville isn't as awful as I remember it.

[Pamplemoose freaks out to the fish mailbox, a no turning sign and a rabbit shaped cherry blossom tree]

  • Professor Pampelmoose: It's not. It's worse!! [gets slammed by his mansion by two choppers]

[Eric and Trevor's face transition]
[Sidekick Academy's bell rings]

  • Eric: I'm so excited. No more Pamplemoose and one of my best friends is......a teaching us.

[cuts to Vana with the spikey objects]

  • Vana: Welcome class. I need volunteer on how to catch spikey objects. [Cuts to Eric] Eric, catch.

[A spikey ball lands on Eric's face]

  • Eric: Hey! [Pulls out spikey ball from his face] I didn't volunteer [screams for his life]

[cuts to Vana holing a spikey ball with balls being thrown]

  • Eric: [screams in terror and pain then gets hit in the face by another spikey ball followed by a group of spikey balls]
  • Vana: F for the lesion and for not volunteering. [cuts to Vana next to Pampelmoose's desk] Next lesion, escaping a flaming costume. Anyone?

[cuts to the students raising their hands up]

  • The students: Oh! Oh! Me! Me! Me!
  • Vana: Eric.
  • Eric: [pulls out another spikey ball] You mean a different Eric. [Vana puts a flaming costume on Eric which made Eric scream in pain when he is set on fire] You didn't! You meant me! HOOT!!!! And itchy. But, mostly hot! [The flames then burn the costume down and turns Eric into soot then cuts to Vana writing Eric's mark]
  • Vana: F minus! Acid swimming [cuts to Eric being grabbed by Vana] Eric. [cuts to Vana putting Eric into the pool of corrosive acid which eats up his torso, arms and legs showing his bones then being thrown by Vana]
  • Eric: [groans]
  • Vana: Back to your seat, Eric. I have more pain...I mean lessons coming.

[Cuts to Trevor sitting at his desk while Eric climbs to his desk tortured by Vana]

  • Eric: Vana's way wors than Pamplemoose was. [whispers to Trevor] Our only escape to this torture trap is to [grabs Trevor's shirt] being Pamplemoose back. [Let's go of Trevor's shirt]
  • Trevor: I thought our only escape is to do tunnel-digging under the class using chopsticks. [pulls out his brain with his chopsticks] Cool.
  • Eric: You know nostrils aren't pockets right?

[Trevors feels very unconscious and fell]
[Professor Pamplemoose chalkboard transition]
[One of the two neighbors knock on the door of Pampelmoose's mansion which Pamplemoose opens the mail slot for him to look at them]

  • Professor Pampelmoose: YOU ATTACKERS! I will annihilate you!
  • Neighbour: It's nice to have you back, Pampy! We've missed you, old chum!
  • Professor Pampelmoose: Are you trying to poison me!?
  • Neighbour: [laughs] With good neighbouring, you bet! And actually no, they're oatmeal with the chunky peanut butter chips, ones you love.
  • Professor Pampelmoose: [grabs a peanut better chip oatmeal cookie from the plate, closes the mail slot and chomps the cookie] Yummy! [Put his face and chomps the whole plate then get his head stuck on the mail solt] You've tricked me! [Dinky, an Afghan Hound licks Pamplemoose's face] Now your face-eating beast will devour my skin! [Dinky jumps and barks]
  • Neighbour: Wow! Dinky here's just loving him some Pampy! He's full of kisses - wet and slobbery ones! [Dinky licked his drools around his face]
  • Professor Pampelmoose: [pulls his face out of the mail slot] With this foul fiends actually be friendly?

[Eric and Trevor's face transition]

  • Vana: Time a lesson called check your head. [zooms out to show three guillotines with a pig in the middle which then sparks and pig squeals] Eric, what's your neck size? Eric?

[Cuts to Kitty with a hole]

  • Kitty: He and Trevor snuck out. Since you're the teacher now, I can't help betray my closest friends together to get a good grade. [giggles]
  • Vana: [shocked] What?! No one sneaks out of my class! Come on, Kitty! Time to dole out some pain-ishments. [grabs Kitty into the hole]
  • Kitty: WHOA!

[sound of digging]

  • Eric: [opens trapdoor] Really? The tunnel goes back [He and Trevor jumps off the tunnel] into the class where trying escape.
  • Trevor: That not where we wanted to go?
  • Eric: [sighs] Bus to Freaksville it is.

[Eric and Trevor's face transition]
[A bus stops at Freaksville's bus stop, drops Eric and Trevor then drives away]

  • Eric and Trevor: Um? [shocked]

[zooms to the fish mailbox]
[Eric grinding his teeth]
[zooms to a no turning sign]
[Trevor gulped]
[zooms to a rabbit shaped cherry blossom tree]

  • Eric: This is Freaksville?
  • Trevor: Where are the constant explosions, the laser fight, the acid sprays?! I can't stand it.

[sound of digging]
[Vana opens the trapdoor which scared Eric and made Trevor hold him]

  • Vana: Now that's how tunnel is dug.

[Eric and Trevor gasps and runs away]

  • Eric: We'll never find Pamplemoose's house before Vana gets us.

[Eric and Trevor crashes to a wall]

  • Professor Pamplemoose: [singing while painting Eric and Trevor on the wall with yellow] An extra coat of paint is excellent coat of love.
  • Eric and Trevor: [shocked when they saw Pampelmoose in a suit] Pampelmoose???
  • Eric: What happened to you? You're even weirder than your usual self. [Pamplemoose deactivates the paintbrush]
  • Professor Pamplemoose: Off my lawn, Punks. My friends and I about to start a bridge game.

[cuts to the neighbours on the chair playing bridge]

  • Neighbour: Yoo-hoo! Come on, Pampy!

[cuts to Eric]

  • Eric: I don't know what ever means! Where the angry, pain-giving teacher we all hated?
  • Professor Pamplemoose: [sips lemonade] I got neighbourly, plus lemonade is so lovely. Who knew?
  • Eric: But that is true. But still, Pumplemoose...we need you back.
  • Professor Pamplemoose: I had a no life now that's better than my own life. You can tell my old life if you GET OUT OF MY LAWN!!!
  • Eric: Don't you care about the quality of our education? [jumps on Pamplemoose's hoverchair] Of our lifes?!
  • Professor Pamplemoose: Meh.
  • Vana: YYYYYAAAAHHH! [tackles Eric to the ground then cuts to her holding Eric on the ground and pokes his eye] You are so getting weeks worth of detention!
  • Eric: [Vana let's go of him] See? If you're teaching again, you'd given me one month worth of detention in the sharp object room. Don't you are about the quality about our punishments?
  • Professor Pamplemoose: Yes! I mean...No! that yes I shouted first wasn't sincere.
  • Vana: YYYYYAAAAHHH! [ties Eric with a rope] Stop struggling or you're going to a acid vat again.
  • Kitty: I bought a thermos full in case you needed it. [shakes the thermos and acid comes out to eat her right arm which showed her bones of her right arm and shocked Kitty] Ow! Look it's leaking! Ow! [groans]
  • Professor Pamplemoose: An acid vat with no piranhas or sharks? That's amateur hour.
  • Vana: You had your chance to punish students, Pampy! Back off!
  • Eric: Back on! You can ask the superintendent for a second chance. [pushes the superintendent button which makes a red alarm go off again]

[Everybody screams which then cuts to the superintendent coming back]

  • The Superintendent: Why I was summoned to this... [facepalms] Oh, is this bunch again, make it fast.
  • Eric: Sir, Pamplemoose want his job back.
  • Professor Pamplemoose: [bumps Eric] No I don't!
  • Eric: Because Vana's terrible at it.
  • Vana: [throws spikey ball at his forehead] NO I'M NOT!
  • Eric: How can we solve this?
  • The Superintendent: Through brutal combat or peaceful the form of brutal combat.
  • Professor Pamplemoose: I don't brutal combat anymore. I lemonade.
  • Vana: [jumps on Pamplemoose's hoverchair] Battle me and you'll see that real punishment is, Pampy!
  • Professor Pamplemoose: [pushes Vana] I will not take that from one of my students.

[cuts to Kitty, the neighbours and a pig playing bridge]

  • Kitty: [laughs] Former student.

[a pig oinks]

  • Professor Pamplemoose: You're right. I don't need this anymore. I've got games to play.
  • Vana: [jumps on Pamplemoose's hoverchair again] Too late! I'M ALREADY REVVED UP! HIIIYYAAH! [about to punch Pamplemoose but blocked by his force field and hit by his laser but lands safely then kicks patties to Pamplemoose's eyes]
  • Professor Pamplemoose: [wipes patties from his eyes] I haven't put cheese on those yet. [Dinky barks] Dinky, bone shower!

[Dinkey shoots out bones from his tail but knocks Vana off] [Vana comes out of the piles of bones]

  • Trevor: Burgers? Dog bones? Lame! Where's the black hole-powered laser cannon when you need one. [gets kicked by Vana]
  • Vana: I FORGOT IT AT HOME! [rungs to get picket fences which Pamplemoose was confused then throws them at him]
  • Professor Pamplemoose: [covers himself from the picket fences] My phony vinyl-chloride white picket fence is ruined! [hears Vana laughing]
  • Vana: [drives lawnmower towards Pamplemoose] YOUR'E MOWIN DOWN!
  • Professor Pamplemoose: [sprays water with the hose at Vana]

[flower grows then groundhog squeaks]

  • The Superintendent: Is this is a superbattle or they are gardening?

[Pamplemoose keeps on spraying at Vana but sprays Trevor with a swim ring]

  • Trevor: Woo-Hoo-Hoo!

[Pamplemoose keeps on spraying at Vana but she avoid being sprayed and Eric drinks the water causing his to be full of water, water comes out of his ears into a which made him flat]

  • Kitty: [worried] Which authority figure is gonna win? I had to know who to suck up to?

[Pamplemoose sprayes Vana's lawnmower which causes her to evacuate]

  • Vana: [Hide to the pink truck] Whoa! These are really spacious.
  • Professor Pamplemoose: [keeps on spraying] And they have large gas tanks! [aims at automobiles which then explodes]
  • Vana: [screams in terror]

[a bird wakes up after automobile explosions]

  • Professor Pamplemoose: [takes off his black wig] This felling! The exploding of a student! Lemonade just can't compare!
  • Eric: WE HAVE A WINNER!!! [Vana lands on him]
  • Vana: Whatever. The word pain-isments is still mine, he can't use it.
  • Professor Pamplemoose: [grabs Eric by the forehead] Needles! Thank you for reminding me about how I enjoyed punishing students, fresh agony awaits you.
  • Eric: Yippie.
  • The Superintendent: Your dedication to punishment [Pamplemoose throws Eric] is a beacon to teachers everyone! You are reinstated! [pokes Pamplemoose's eye] You will have your house choppered back immediately!
  • Professor Pamplemoose: I had a better idea.... [looking suspicious]

[cuts to Pamplemoose laughing while whipping Eric, Trevor, Vana and Kitty as they pull his mansion]

  • Eric: [pulls rope] Maybe Vana being our teacher wasn't so bad after all.

[Episode ends with Pamplemoose's mansion being pulled by Eric, Trevor, Vana and Kitty as they are being whipped by him]

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