• Matteso586

    A Sidekick Movie???

    September 5, 2014 by Matteso586

    Because of what RaiderZ revealed, something got me thinking. What if they make a Sidekick movie set some time after Graduation Dazed?

    Recently, the main sidekicks' assignments are just single challenges. After the latest "assignment" they realize that they have been expelled, and nobody told them! Eric, Trevor, Kitty, and Vana then get chased by a robot that is hunting for uneducated sidekicks. Once they lose it (with help from Maxum Brain and Pamplemoose), they set out to find Maxum Man. Eric just wants him to fork out an explanation to why he was just randomly selected.

    (during a car chase) Pamplemoose: We are all doomed! And you kids just have to spill the beans on 'the head superhero'!

    Vana: Don't worry, I'll just call my parents and we'l…

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