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  • TheStarsoftheSkies

    Season 6 Idea

    August 17, 2016 by TheStarsoftheSkies

    601 - The Vana Glama Show (pilot for the radio show of the same name)

    The Vana Glama Show - Vana hosts a radio show (which also aired on the CBC). Produced in association with the CBC.

    202 - Two Erics?/Ko Family Research

    Two Erics? - Someone is impersonating Eric.

    Ko Family Research - Kitty finally learns about her family for the first time since they left her orphaned. Will she learn more details about her family?

    203 - Hamme Hathaway/Splittsborian Revolution

    Hamme Hathaway - Drilliam Shakesphere meets his wife.

    Splittsborian Revolution - Someone is leading a revolution that consists of superheroes and supervillians that opposed Mayor Swift. Will the gang stop someone before he or she may overthrow Mayor Swift?

    204 - Morning Routine/Vana's Bedtim…

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  • TheStarsoftheSkies

    Season 5 Idea

    March 26, 2016 by TheStarsoftheSkies

    501 - Unlethal Weapon/Eric Who

    Unlethal Weapon: After Vana accidentally abuses the Glamour Ray, Splittsboro becomes a warzone. Will Vana stop the war before the city becomes dust?

    Eric Who: During an airing of Doctor Who, the Daleks began to invade Splitsboro. With the help of the Doctor, the gang must defeat them. This episode was produced in association with the BBC.

    502 - The Side-Witch Project/Princess of Persia

    The Side-Witch Project: After a lost footage was found, the gang must solve the mysteries for the missing person in the video.

    Princess of Persia: After finding about her family's Persian monarch ancestry, Mandy becomes the heir apparent of Persia (Iran). But XOX wanted to steal the crown jewels. Produced in association with the IRI…

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  • TheStarsoftheSkies

    401 - The Forbidden Episode Part 1/The Forbidden Episode Part 2

    The Forbidden Episode Part 1: A station had announced that an episode of the show that the gang hates will have its main character team up with ISIS fighters. But caused fear not only amongst Canada but also the whole world as the future episode praises terrorism (which violated the CRTC's policy of promoting terrorism). Due to fears amongst people, Vana, Kitty and Mandy goes to Ottawa and have the episode pulled off the air.

    The Forbidden Episode Part 2: As Vana, Kitty and Mandy arrived to Ottawa, they must find the Prime Minister of Canada to make him tell the station to have the episode pull off the air before it's too late. Who is responsible for making the offensive episode…

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  • TheStarsoftheSkies

    The thing that dissapointed me would have to be ISIS because they are not representing Islam instead they kill other people of other religions (even Muslims).

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  • TheStarsoftheSkies

    Super Festivus

    December 19, 2015 by TheStarsoftheSkies

    It's almost Super Festivus. It's time of all superheroes, sidekicks and civilians to think about in what the users or things that disappointed you this year then you can tell us on your blog post for the Airing of Super-Grievances.

    Super Festivus Rule:
    Don't submit them till Festivus. Submitting them before Festivus will result in disqualification.

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