401 - The Forbidden Episode Part 1/The Forbidden Episode Part 2

The Forbidden Episode Part 1: A station had announced that an episode of the show that the gang hates will have its main character team up with ISIS fighters. But caused fear not only amongst Canada but also the whole world as the future episode praises terrorism (which violated the CRTC's policy of promoting terrorism). Due to fears amongst people, Vana, Kitty and Mandy goes to Ottawa and have the episode pulled off the air.

The Forbidden Episode Part 2: As Vana, Kitty and Mandy arrived to Ottawa, they must find the Prime Minister of Canada to make him tell the station to have the episode pull off the air before it's too late. Who is responsible for making the offensive episode of the worst show ever? Guest starring Justin Trudeau, Peter Mansbridge, Drake, C******, S***, K*** and K**** from S**** P***.

402 - Sidekick: Splitsboro Knight

Sidekick: Splitsboro Knight: In this 1 hour special, the Sidekick Acedemy has received a terror threat from by person or a group under the name "the Knights of Splitsboro" stating that they will bomb the school if they don't met their demands. The gang must stop them before the bombing would happen.

403 - Anti-Hero Training for Dummies/Kitty's Dark Past

Anti-Hero Training for Dummies: Mandy talks to the viewers on how to become an Anti-Hero.

Kitty's Dark Past: Kitty tells the story to her friends about her dark secret origins.

404 - The Great Show Meeting/A Hate to Kill

The Great Show Meeting: The show's characters discuss in the studio on why the first three seasons sucked and how they can improve the show better.

A Hate to Kill: Vana's extreme hate of Eric becomes a deadly thing has it damages her health. Will she stop hating Eric before she becomes one of the dead superheroes?

405 - Mandy's Rival/Guardians of the Fit-alaxy

Mandy's Rival: Mandy's rival (not Kitty nor Vana) is back for revenge on her.

Guardians of the Fit-alaxy: Trevor is obese after Master XOX uses the Sub Sandwich-Machine Gun to fill his stomach up. Trevor had to lose weight before he fights Master XOX.

406 - Maxum Man Mark 3/Winter Journey

Maxum Man Mark 3 - Man Maid has yet another revenge plan to wipe out Maxum Man. Meanwhile, a half-Maxum Man, half-robot emerged after cloning Kitty's broken robot she build when she was an orphan.

Winter Journey - Sequel to The Endless Summer. Vana, Kitty and Mandy hits the road with an RV. But someone who is uninvited is in the RV who tries to steal stuff. The girls must find out who that person is.

407 - Mighty Morphin Sidekick Rangers/The Beach War

Mighty Morphin Sidekick Rangers - The gang meets the Power Rangers. Guest starring various actors and actresses of Power Rangers and Super Sentai.

The Beach War - The gang were sent to the beach to inspect any villians by dressing them with their swimsuits. But, the villains turns out to be Master XOX's minions smuggling illegal substances to the beach.

408 - Sidekick: Canada and Independence Day Special

Sidekick: Canada and Independence Day Special: In this 2 hour special, Splitsboro celebrates Canada Day and Independence Day but the party was interrupted by an invading alien army. Will the gang make peace between the city and the aliens? Or will they cancel Canada Day and Independence Day?

409 - It's Always Sunny in Tokyo Part 1/It's Always Sunny in Tokyo Part 2

It's Always Sunny in Tokyo Part 1: The gang goes to Tokyo for a vacation but are stopped by their Japanese counterparts to help them defeat Shogun XOX. But, Master XOX and Shogun XOX have team up to take over the world together. It's up to the Sidekicks and their counterparts to stop them before it's too late.

It's Always Sunny in Tokyo Part 2: Master XOX is defeated and sent back to Maxum Security Prison but Shogun XOX is still at large. But his time, he uses a powerful weapon that can not only take over the world but the whole universe. Will our heroes stop him from taking over the world and break the powerful weapon or will they suffer doom from Shogun XOX?

410 - Northern Lights, Northern Brights/SASS-C's Revenge:

Northern Lights, Northern Brights: The gang must rescue Pamplemoose and Allan Amazing after they are kidnapped during a school trip to Nunavut.

SASS-C'S Revenge: SASS-C is risen as a supercomputer and wants to destroy Splittsboro. Eric, Trevor and Maxum Brain must stop her before she uses a virus to destroy the whole town.

411 - SK-411/Kid Ruthless Dies

SK-411: The gang meets their Funpak counterpart.

Kid Ruthless Dies: When Kid Ruthless is diagnosed with cancer, the gang must continue the Marathon of Hope from Thunder Bay. This episode was produced in association with the Terry Fox Foundation.

412 - WTFBBQ League of Legends

WTFBBQ League of Legends: Eric, Trevor, Vana, Kitty and Mandy starts playing League of Legends after they saw the trailer for the game. But when they sign up their accounts, they started brawling each other until an unknown villain and his army started to massacre the other players. Will they stop this villain before he become more powerful or will the game crash?

413 - Into the Unknown/Vana and Savannah's Portugal

Into the Unknown: A suspicious portal opens up to suck Earth up. The gang must close the portal before the planet is off the Solar System.

Vana and Savannah's Portugal: Vana and Savannah visits their cousins in Portugal.

414 - The Sidekick of Oz/The Greatest Escape

The Sidekick of Oz: After a tornado storm, the gang gets sent to the Land of Oz.

The Greatest Escape: After being involved in a farting incident, Trevor gets sent to the Maxum Security Prison. Will Trevor deny his involvement or will he ever stay prison for a long time.

415 - Trevor's Dance/Sidekick and the NHL All-Stars

Trevor's Dance: Trevor has a stage fright. Eric must cheer him up before the talent show begins.

Sidekick and the NHL All-Stars: The gang went to a hockey gang but a sport stealing villain steals the game. With the help of the NHL players, they must find and defeat the villain before it's too late. This episode was produced in association with the NHL.