501 - Unlethal Weapon/Eric Who

Unlethal Weapon: After Vana accidentally abuses the Glamour Ray, Splittsboro becomes a warzone. Will Vana stop the war before the city becomes dust?

Eric Who: During an airing of Doctor Who, the Daleks began to invade Splitsboro. With the help of the Doctor, the gang must defeat them. This episode was produced in association with the BBC.

502 - The Side-Witch Project/Princess of Persia

The Side-Witch Project: After a lost footage was found, the gang must solve the mysteries for the missing person in the video.

Princess of Persia: After finding about her family's Persian monarch ancestry, Mandy becomes the heir apparent of Persia (Iran). But XOX wanted to steal the crown jewels. Produced in association with the IRIB.

503 -'s Big Book of Sidekicks A website has set up to spy on the sidekicks.

Kitty's Big Book of Sidekicks: Kitty shows her book about the sidekicks.

504 - Maxumnator/High and Flying

Maxumnatior - Maximus R. Brainius is back to take revenge on Maxum Brain.

High and Flying - The gang visits the RCAF air base but was under attack by the forces of Airstar. Will the gang stop her plans before she takes the air base

505 - Sidekick vs. Kid vs. Kat

Sidekick vs. Kid vs. Kat: In this 1 hour special, the gang had teleported from the Sidekick world to the Kid vs. Kat world. When they arrived, they joined up with the characters from Kid vs. Kat after Master XOX and Kat had formed an alliance to take over Earth. Will the gang and the kids from Kid vs. Kat stop them before it's too late? This episode was produced in association with Media DHX.

Movie 1 - Sidekick: Who Killed Professor Pamplemoose?

Who Killed Professor Pamplemoose? - After Pamplemoose is killed by Tiger Mafia, the gang plans an operation to eliminate Tiger Mafia with the help of the Ugandan military. This movie was produced in association with Ramon Film Productions.

506 - Great Sidekick Railway/Journey to the West Side

Great Sidekick Railway - The grand opening of a new railway station has gone wrong after the Last Spike was stolen.

Journey to the West Side - A modern retelling of Journey to the West but with a Sidekick twist.

507 - Samurai Showdown/XOXO Sauce

Samurai Showdown - Splitsboro is under attack by samurais.

XOXO Sauce - Master XOX makes a sauce that will poison the gang.

508 - Sidekick Bank Robbery/Side Kong

Sidekick Bank Robbery - Eric is held hostage by XOX's minions. Vana must rescue him.

Side Kong - Eric and Trevor goes to Hong Kong.

509 - Xtreme Slumber Party/White House Extravaganza

Xtreme Slumber Party - The boys stay up till 3:00AM see a commercial featuring Trevor.

White House Extravaganza - The gang tours the White House. Guess starring Donald Trump.

510 - Sidekick Cookies/Revenge of the Moustachesquatches

Sidekick Cookies - Vana, Kitty and Mandy works at a bakery.

Revenge of the Moustachesquatches - Sequel to Moustachesquatch, the moustachesquatches takes revenge on Eric after one of their fellow moustachesquatch was zapped.

511 - The Adventures of Allan Amazing the Mayan Knight (Spin-off episode)

The Adventures of Allan Amazing the Mayan Warrior - Allan becomes a superhero after he discovered his father's Mayan Warior armour. But the entities known as the Muretes is attacking Splitboro to take their souls away. Will Allan stop them before all of the souls of its civilians are taken away.

522 - The Sidekick Foundation/House Repair

The Sidekick Foundation - Vana forms a charity after one of its students suffered learning problems.

House Repair - While Kitty is on vacation, the Eric, Trevor, Vana and Mandy takes over the house to make her house clean and tidy.

523 - The Forge/Sea and Ice

The Forge - The blueprint Medal of Sidekickery is brunt after Trevor blew the forge up. Will Trevor rebuild the forge in time for the Medal of Sidekickery ceremony.

Sea and Ice - Kitty sets sail across the oceans of the world after a series of ice storms hits all of the oceans.

524 - Super Sidekick Bros/Kon-Struction

Super Sidekick Bros - The gang plays a shooting game.

Kon-Struction - Mandy is building a huge surprise for Eric's birthday.

525 - The Good, the Bad and the Sidekick

The Good, the Bad and the Sidekick - A 1 hour sequel to Ye Old Sidekick Village, Sheriff Marshall is back for revenge but this time, he will take over all times of the past, present and future. Will the Sidekicks stop them before he ruins time?