601 - The Vana Glama Show (pilot for the radio show of the same name)

The Vana Glama Show - Vana hosts a radio show (which also aired on the CBC). Produced in association with the CBC.

202 - Two Erics?/Ko Family Research

Two Erics? - Someone is impersonating Eric.

Ko Family Research - Kitty finally learns about her family for the first time since they left her orphaned. Will she learn more details about her family?

203 - Hamme Hathaway/Splittsborian Revolution

Hamme Hathaway - Drilliam Shakesphere meets his wife.

Splittsborian Revolution - Someone is leading a revolution that consists of superheroes and supervillians that opposed Mayor Swift. Will the gang stop someone before he or she may overthrow Mayor Swift?

204 - Morning Routine/Vana's Bedtime Story (pilot for a segment on The Vana Glama Show of the same name).

Morning Routine - The gang shows off their morning routine.

Vana's Bedtime Story - Vana shares some bedtime stories to the viewers.

205 - Drugged Dragged

Drugged Dragged - In this 2 hour special, a new drug is taking over Spliittsboro and its affecting all sidekicks, henchmen, superheroes and supervillians alike. The gang must stop the drug from producing more before it's too late.

206 - Eric and Trevor's Sketch Show (pilot for the show of the same name)

Eric and Trevor's Sketch Show - The boys star in their very own sketch show.

207 - Mansionvania/Mad Mandy

Mansionvania - The gang has to fight some monsters in the Maxum Mansion.

Mad Mandy - Mandy is kidnapped and has to face the death race in order to save her life.

208 - There's Something About Cindy/Maxum Brain 2.0

There's Something About Cindy - Cindy is injured in a freak accident during a fight between villains and hacked robots. Mandy must take care of her mother.

Maxum Brain 2.0 - Maxum Man receives an upgrade that allows him to fight bigger enemies.

208 - The Three Sidekickteers/The Highway of Shame

The Three Sidekickteers The gang learns superfencing.

The Highway of Shame - Eric and Trevor has to cross the most dangerous highway in order to get to Springsville.