They Fight And come up with a plan. to be nice. and XOX gets a sitcom.

The gang stars in a reality show.


Vana-Glama "You're going complete this NOW!"
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The kids are contestants on a reality show but the inevitable chaos ensues.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Suporting Roles Edit

  • Maxum Brain
  • Pamplemoose

Minor Edit

  • Young Golly Gee Kid (cameo)
  • Allan Amazing (cameo)
  • Static Clint (cameo)
  • The Leprechaun (cameo)
  • Moleboy (Mole Monster)
  • Joshua Sideburns (cameo)
  • Taylor Chincleft (cameo)

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It is known as Vapo House because the creators forgot to put Walter Ego Presents in the title.

Video Edit

Sidekick Episode 50b - Vapo House11:33

Sidekick Episode 50b - Vapo House

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